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We love oysters, and we are VERY excited!  Freeport is hosting the Maine Oyster Festival the weekend of June 24th, and pretty soon we’ll also have our very own oyster bar in town.  The festival will feature tons of oyster farms, shucking contests, tastings, and more.

Pictured above is Ken Sparta, co-owner of the Freeport Oyster Bar and owner of Spartan Sea Farms. His partner is Thomas Henninger, owner of Madeleine Point Oysters.  As you’d expect, both farms’ oysters will be prominently featured (among others) at the Freeport Oyster Bar.  In addition to the raw bar, they’ll offer great beers and craft cocktails, and aside from oysters their menu will feature other delicious, fresh, locally sourced shellfish.

It’s remarkable how different one area’s oysters can be from each other.  They call it merroir.  Each farm location can have many variables that affect the shape, flavor, texture and growth rate of oysters.  You’ll find some may be a bit sweeter than others, some a bit brinier.  And some have deeper cups while others may be more shallow; some may have grayer shells, while others may be greenish.  But that said, are delicious, that’s for sure.

We literally can’t get enough of them.  So, while we love oysters right from the shell with nothing else, we also love oysters with a dab of hot sauce, or all sorts of mignonettes.  And, we love to roast oysters…sometimes with a bit of butter and herbs, sometimes with a puree of parsley, garlic and parmesan.  Try nestling them in a “boat” of french bread before roasting, and then serve with a bowl of local mussels.

Check out our gallery for some more pics and a look at the beautiful coastal areas where they’re farmed.  We’re filling up fast, and already sold out for the Maine Oyster Festival, but we’d love to host you the next time you crave crustaceans!

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Raw Oysters with Mignonette

A simple mignonette with shallots, thyme and red wine vinegar.


Oysters Rockefeller

Ready to roast. Oysters with a puree of parsley, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Similar to the original NOLA classic Oysters Rockefeller


Roasted Oysters

Cheesy wood roasted oysters with smoked paprika.

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