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We love providing treats at the Nicholson Inn Freeport to surprise and delight our guests.

Late spring and early summer have us craving sweet, fresh pie.  The local farms provide endless opportunities to use juicy, sweet strawberries and other ingredients.

While we like to bake pies ourselves, they are no comparison to pies from local artisan bakeries like Two Fat Cats and many others.  The blueberry pie pictured above is from TFC in Portland.   You can check them out at

Below are some of our home-baked favorites.  Aside from being a tasty, comforting treat to eat, they make the whole inn smell yummy and welcoming!  We’re hitting strawberry season now and then blueberry season coming up later this summer in Maine.  But we also can get some wonderful peaches and cherries to bake with between the two!

No visit to Maine is complete without sampling many home-baked pies at your favorite bed & breakfasts, restaurants or bakeries.

Treats at the Nicholson Inn in Downtown Freeport

Apple Pie With Sage and Cinnamon!


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie at the Nicholson Inn in Downtown Freeport

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

If you plan on visiting us, pop us a note via the link below and we’ll be sure to prepare some treats at the Nicholson Inn Freeport for your stay!

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