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Room rates may vary by season and day of the week. When you click on Reserve Now our reservation system will reflect the most up to date pricing and availability for all rooms.

Minimum Night Reservations

During the high summer and fall foliage seasons, we may at times require a two night minimum. This will be reflected when booking in our reservation system. Feel free to call us if you find that affecting your ability to stay at the Nicholson Inn due to your travel schedule.


Due to limited availability and our prime downtown location, we require a deposit on multiple night stays. Deposits are fully refundable up to two weeks of your reservation and 50% refundable up to one week of your reservation. Any non-refunded deposit can be used as a credit on future stays.


We love pets and appreciate that they are an important part of many families, however, we do have a no pets policy at this time.

Smoke-Free Establishment