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The Maine Oyster Festival coming to Freeport this weekend so we’ve stocked up.  Our shipment of oyster shucking gear has arrived and is now available to guests.  We only carry products that we firmly believe make oyster shucking both easy and fun.  Our favorites are Swissmar’s Paddy The Shucker accessories, pictured below.

Patrick McMurray (Paddy the Shucker), who holds the world record oyster shucking records of 39 in one minute and 1,114 in one hour, designed these tools himself.  To make things even easier, they offer an oyster tray and a shucking puck that you put the oyster on when you do your shucking–it actually makes a difference!

Learn more about the Maine Oyster Festival by visiting this page created by Visit Freeport:

To book rooms for next year’s festival (we’re sold out this year) or another time check out our rooms and contact us to check on rates and avails: Reserve Now Form

Happy Shucking!

Maine Oyster Festival is Coming to Freeport

Our care package from Swissmar. Shucker Paddy accessories!

Maine Oyster Festival is Coming to Freeport

The beer opener/shucking tool and shuck puck!

Maine Oyster Festival is Coming to Freeport

We love the oyster tray–designed to hold shucked oysters, you can shuck on the puck and then replace it with a mignonette or cocktail sauce for serving.




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