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Happy Summer!  It’s the longest day of the year and the first day of Summer. The weather here in Freeport, Maine is gorgeous.   Bright sun, light breeze, a cool night in the 40’s and a warm day in the 70’s.  This is when we really enjoy grilling.  Last night was a grass-fed ribeye, some local asparagus, and early summer corn grilled with smoked paprika.

As we explore the many breweries throughout the state, our IPA of choice last night was Thirsty Botanist from Boothbay Craft Brewery.   Juicy, hazy and delicious in a frosted glass.  You can check them out for yourself at:

We’d love to host you during any season here at the Nicholson Inn in downtown Freeport, Maine.  Contact us for rates and avails at: Contact Us

Happy Summer!

John & Loretta

Happy Summer!

Ready for the grill. Steak, corn, asparagus and a cold IPA make for the ideal kickoff to a happy summer season!

Happy Summer!

Fresh off the grill. The smoked paprika on the corn, simple salt and pepper on the steak, and a bit of soy sauce and olive oil on the asparagus make for a healthy and tasty grilled supper. Happy Summer!

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