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It’s been a busy summer.  So we’ve been using a ton of herbs from our garden for the sage and cheddar quiche, garnishes and other fun dishes for breakfast at the Nicholson Inn.

Quiche for breakfast at the Nicholson Inn

Breakfast at the Nicholson Inn always includes a quiche selection on the menu.

Our favorite quiche variation is to add some sweet cherry tomatoes to them as they bake.  And to always use the parmesan hash brown crust with dried herbs and grated cheese.

Quiche with tomatoes

The parmesan crusted cheddar and sage quiche is one of our favorites.

When strawberries are in season they have the most powerful perfumed aroma.  And, we balance them out in our fruit cup with fresh blueberries, ripe pear and sprigs of mint or basil from the herb garden.

Fruit for breakfast at the Nicholson Inn

There’s nothing like a small cup of fresh, sweet, tender berries and basil to start off the day.

If you time it right, you can pick your own berries at nearby strawberry farms like Bradbury Mountain Berry Farm in nearby Pownal.

Before summer gets tooooo hot, we crank up the oven to bake Pop Tots–our take on miniature pop tarts.  The inside fruit is usually a blueberry or strawberry compote that we make from ripe fruit, maple syrup, sea salt, vanilla paste and a lot of time over low heat on the stove.

Pop Tots in the Oven

Pop “Tots” at the Nicholson Inn. We serve these with your coffee each morning.

Making breakfast at the Nicholson Inn is one of our favorite parts of being innkeepers.  Meeting people and making them happy each morning with cooked to order breakfasts and local ingredients are why we do what we do.   Reserve Now


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